The Heart of a Gangsta Part 2: A City Under Siege


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Several grave obstacles stand in his way, but PIMP is determined to hit the jackpot and succeed on this final mission of prosperity and hood riches.

Vowing to let nothing and no one stop him, he has his game in tact and his guns cocked and locked, and he's killing anyone who opposes him-man, woman or child.

In the shadows, stalking Pimp's every move, are two forces with God-like power and omnipresence.

Will the master street king be able to out-maneuver the Feds and the murderous OG'S that clamor to bring him down to his knees? Did ICEY make a mistake by giving up everything to embrace love? Or will she find happiness with SAVAROUS and their newborn son? In the midst of bloodshed and despair THE HEART OF A GANGSTA will reign supreme, but at the cost of a lot.