The Heart of a Gangsta: When Loyalty Ain't Enough


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With innocent, baby-faced looks but the swag of an OG, Savarous Jones, a.k.a.

Pimp, is an opportunist that can charm and swindle the unsuspecting heart of any woman that can financially profit his hidden agenda because using the ladies for his come-up is a major part of his get-down.  Pimp is on a focused mission to free his father, Mr.

Jones, who is serving a life sentence, in a federal prison, by way of stealing, killing, and robbing his way to millions.

He is prepared to destroy anyone and anything that threatens his changes at pulling off the impossible.  That's until he crosses paths with an irresistibly beautiful art teacher named Icey Williams, whose womanly prowess weakens his resolve long enough for her best friend, Brad, a blood thirsty federal agent to swoop in on his target and permanently sit him in a cell next to his fathers'.  Will Icey soften and change The Heart of a Gangsta and get her very determined FVI friend to fall back, or will he serve her the same deadly fate he plans to dish to each of his enemies?