The Heart of a Savage Part 2: Bloody Betrayal


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Now that RICO is dead, the Red Bottom squad looks to monopolize the game, but many hurdles lie in their way.

TATA struggles to keep the clique together after one of its members chose love over their vows of loyalty to one another.

When treason creeps into their ranks, blood is no longer thicker than water.

Meanwhile, WHIP has a hunger for building his Blood Nation, but he's distracted by his lust for the Red Bottom Squad's top diva.

Will he slip up and allow Tata to be the death of him and the BN? Or will he remain a certified gangsta on a mission to achieve his lofty goals? In the middle of the brewing storms, PHATMAMA'S past slithers up on her like a snake in the grass.

Will Phatmama find out who her coiling enemy is before they strike again and eliminate her entire crew? Or will the girls show The Heart of A Savage, as they eliminate one foe after the other?