The Heart of a Savage Part 3: No Mercy, No Forgiveness


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After the barrage of bullets CAIN hurled at The Red Bottom Squad, ZOEY is left face down and lifeless.

The Squad executed a swift retaliation of their coiling enemy with the help of Whip's BLOOD NATION.

But cutting off the head of this snake did not kill the body.

The new head of the "serpent" is twice as venomous as its predecessor.

Now TATA and her crew are ducking and dodging those who seek their death. BOOT has become the inamorata of the Red Bottoms most savage member, PHATMAMA.

The two embark on a barbarous and inhuman love affair.

As Boot learns the secrets of his forbidden lover, will it come with a sacrifice or will he relate to her on a level that few will? TaTa is still grinding, chasing a bigger bag even though Cain Crime Family's new leader is lurking and craving blood.

By making the choice to stack her paper and feed her team, instead of engaging her new nemesis in war, is TaTa making a grave mistake by not fulfilling The Heart Of A Savage? Or is there a method in her subtle madness?