The King Cartel Part 3: Island Blood


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The Feds thought they had their man, but DAMAR KING isn't your ordinary drug dealer.

As the agency's dragnet closed in on his empire, Damar escaped by outwitting them all, but his troubles are far from over.

JAMERICA, the love of his life, is still missing, leaving a canyon-sized hole in THE KING CARTEL's boss' heart, that SUNJA has vowed to fill.

But, when Damar receives an unexpected call from Jamerica, will he discard his new love and forsake his safety to come to her rescue? Or will Sunja remain all that he needs? No matter which woman he decides to stake his future on, Damar is determined to kill all of his enemies and walk away from the game a living legend, even though others are just as determined to send him away in a pine box or in handcuffs.

Who will prevail in this deadly game of love, war and revenge?