The Last of the OG’s Part 2: Penitentiary Gangstas


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When HELLRAISER is sent to prison, he continues his violent ways working as an enforcer for his father and cellmate, OG.

Due to desperate circumstances, he vows to God to give up a life of violence in exchange for a loved one's survival.

Once his prayers are answered, Hellraiser reforms and becomes a model prisoner, using the time he has left on his sentence wisely. Thanks to investments made by LACHAUN on his behalf, Hellraiser comes home to millions, a life of luxury, and all the finer things money can buy.

But what seems like the perfect ending to a life of gangsterism, is about to change. Things turn ugly when a dear friend of the family is murdered and KIMANI is left fighting for his life in the hospital.

Will Hellraiser break his vow and go looking for revenge, or will he remain true to his word and find another way to make things right? One thing for sure is THE LAST OF THE OGs is about to get tested.