The Last of the OG's Part 3: Legacy in Blood


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HELLRAISER must lead a suicide mission into the territory of one of the most dangerous men he's ever had the misfortune of encountering, ASSASSIN.

To euthanize Assassin and his beastly killas, Hellraiser needs an army, so the call to arms is put out and an unexpected adversary from the past answers.

ZEKEY looks to broker a truce with DA CREW and offer his assistance in the feud against their common enemy.

Having lost numerous allies on the frontline, Hellraiser is in desperate need of reinforcements, and reluctantly accepts the alliance.

Leading a band of reputable hittas against seemingly insurmountable odds, Hellraiser charges into battle to put an end to the deadly quarrel once and for all.

Will he succeed with this quest? Or will his most dangerous adversary prevail in the war of THE LAST OF THE OG'S?