The Last of the OG's: Street Veterans


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Raised in the cold-blooded streets of South Central, Los Angeles, HELLRAISER and his squad of killaz, DA CREW, aren't strangers to hard times.

With dreams of getting rich, they are prepared to commit murder to make their plans a reality. When CALEB, a heroin baron, needs to have a Jamaican drug crew called RUDE BWOIS eliminated to expand his territory, he drops off duffle bags of money to Da Crew to carry out the executions.

The hits are executed with precision and Da Crew celebrates another successful caper.

But when karma pays him a visit and Hellraiser suffers a heart-crushing loss, his fury becomes maniacal.

But could it be the culprits are closer to him than he imagined? What Hellraiser is about discover will rock him to the very core.

Will this discovery break him and Da Crew? Or will it make them remind their enemies why they are THE LAST OF THE OG'S?