The Merriam-Webster's Dictionary


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This is the newest edition of the best-selling mass-market paperback dictionary covering core vocabulary of everyday life.

 It can be a wonderful tool to help with homeschooling and remote learning.

 New words from today's world include: bromance, carbon footprint, droid, e-book, fracking, frenemy, hashtag, malware, mash-up, regift, robocal, smackdown and vlog.

  More than 75,000 updated definitions, pronunciations, word origins, and synonym lists.

  Can be used in Texas STAAR testing classrooms.

  Some 8,000 usage examples aid understanding-more than ever before.

 Also included are useful tables and special sections on Foreign Words and Phrases, Biographical Names, and Geographical Names.

  Based on Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Eleventh Edition.

  This book has sold more than 50 million copies