The Movie Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained


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Stand by for hours of blissful immersion in the world of film – the world’s “seventh art”. 

The Movie Book is your detailed guide to 100 seismic films, from Intolerance (1916) to the groundbreaking Boyhood (2014).

Part of the Big Ideas series, 
The Movie Book is your perfect companion and reference with infographics to explain swift-moving plots and complicated relationships. It shows The Godfather’s complicated web of family and associates, for example, and gives minute-by-minute plot lines to iconic movies such as Taxi Driver or Blade Runner

One film can influence another and this indispensable and crystal clear guide explains what inspired Quentin Tarantino to use a glowing briefcase in 
Pulp Fiction, for example, or how Jaws triggered decades of summer action blockbusters. 

Liberally sprinkled with gorgeous stills, pithy quotes, and trivia detail, 
The Movie Book brings you new insights into your favorites and introduces you to little-known masterpieces from around the world.