The Nightlife Entrepreneur: Becoming More Than a Club Promoter


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In the Hospitality business, there is an area that very few consider as an option.

This is the Nightlife or Nightclub business.

Within that crazy world, there is an even smaller niche that people know as the nightclub promoter.

This book will help you explore this business as an option, not only to make a great living, but also make it while not having to work a day in your life.

That is unless you call work having to party, being the center of attention , getting the girls, meeting all kinds of celebrities and getting paid for it.

Not to mention all the perks.

The nightlife entrepreneur will start you on this journey and guide you through the process of becoming the best possible promoter out there.

The author, Julio Mario Zambrano started in this business at the early age of eighteen and has not seen a year where he has brought in less than six figures while having the time for family, friends, and vacation.

This doesn't mean that it was easy or that he did not make any mistakes, but you won't have to make those mistakes after reading this book and following his tutorials thereafter.

Julio also gives you access to him when subscribing to his website and reading the book, and promises that he will help each and everyone who decides its time to become a nightlife Entrepreneur.

This book also lets you know if you are cut out for this lifestyle that will change you for the best in every aspect of your life.

He started with a fifty dollar loan from his father and built a nightlife empire that exceeded the two hundred co-workers, not employees since you work with each other in this business, not for someone else.

His business was so successful that he was able to open several nightclubs in different cities around the globe.

If you don't think this business is for you, don't you want to know how it works? what a promoter is thinking when they call you or text you.

Either way, this book is an easy read that will give you inside information in a business that most people only get to see from afar.

If you are not interested in the money, the friends, the perks, the celebs or even the sex and confidence growth, just do it for fun and see for yourself.

See you on the other side.