The Price You Pay for Love: Foreign and Domestic's Story


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FOREIGN YOUNG is married to AARON, the love of her life, who is at the peak of his career in the NFL.

With Aaron's success and popularity comes many privileges, all of which he indulges in, as the toast of the town.

But while Aaron is building up the city, he's tearing down the place he calls home. For Foreign, living in the limelight of her husband's profession isn't as glamorous as the world thinks it is.

The luxurious lifestyle, an unlimited cash flow and perks aren't enough to heal a broken heart. Temptation lurks around every corner Aaron turns, seducing the natural wild child to live his best life and forsake his wedding vows on multiple occasions.

Fed up with his selfish, doggish ways, Foreign decides that payback is a dish that's better served cold. By a twist of fate, Foreign meets a smooth, savvy, popular businessman, DEMERIUS PAYNE, known in the streets as DOMESTIC.

He's the perfect gentleman and everything Foreign wanted Aaron to be. After weeks of living in sheer bliss, Demerius becomes possessive and things take a turn for the worst.

Will Foreign finally learn THE PRICE YOU PAY FOR LOVE? Will she ignore the signs that have presented themselves and choose to stay in a dangerous situation? Or will she go back and make amends with Aaron before it's too late?