The Realest Killaz Part 2: The Blood Oath


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When JOAQUIN is released from jail, he pays a visit to GOD with every intention of silencing him forever.

But the pleas of a loved one tug on his heart strings and he allows his formidable adversary to live.

A decision he will undoubtedly regret in the future. God summons a killa without a conscience to take out Joaquin.

ASAD's deadly grace and unmatched accuracy have made him one of the most renowned hittas in the murder game.

With him behind the gun, the results are guaranteed to be catastrophic, and Joaquin's brief moment of compassion may come back to haunt him. With dreams of leveling up in the game, Joaquin links up with ALVARO, who sends Joaquin and his hit squad to eradicate his cocaine plug, TOMAS.

The kill-strike is suppose to go without a hitch but something goes disastrously wrong and the hitmen find themselves at the mercy of their enemies' automatic weapons.

Will Joaquin and his men manage to survive the ambush set for them or will their lives be forfeited? Who will ultimately hold the title of THE REALEST KILLAZ?