The Savage Life Part 2: 100 Black Caskets


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After his release from prison, DIRTY is on a mission to collect what he is owed from friends or foes.

His work with that "tool" puts fear in many, while a few killers of his same ilk are eager to send Dirty home to his Maker. After putting in work when he first touches down, DIRTY decides to collect the bag that's been placed on The Savages' heads.

But now he is up against a beast whose murder game is as lethal as his own? Can the heartless killer take down the penultimate street crew? Or will his blood-thirst and lust for money become a sad line on his eulogy? Meanwhile, DRO recovers from his near-fatal injuries and there's hell to be paid by those that brought harm to his loved ones.

As his heart seeks brutal revenge, his other half, FOREVER, pleads for him to let it go.

When her words fall on deaf ears, Forever must decide whether she will walk lock and step with her man or leave him to walk that path alone.

There are no easy ways out of THE SAVAGE LIFE.

The only question is will the participants escape the horrors of the game? Or will they die trying to master a game with no rules and no mercy?