The Savage Life: Stay Dangerous


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DRO is a jackboy who's living THE SAVAGE LIFE with his crew of hittas.

Although he gets money by any means, Dro knows that his purpose in the world is more than robbing people and blowing money fast.

But the streets is his boo, and he can't seem to walk away from the addictiveness of that life. Things might change when Dro meets FOREVER, a fine, religious woman who sees more in him than a street goon.

Forever tries her earnest best to pull him out of the gutter but the gutter won't let him leave. When a deadly encounter claims the life of someone very close to his heart, Dro must decide to live, kill or die. Will the code of the streets force Dro to choose war over everything else? Or will his heart pull him away from the game? Once a savage always a savage? The answer just might get answered in blood.