The Serial Cheater: She Can't Handle The Truth


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Cam is a young man with a bright future in the music business, that seemed to be on his way to the top after signing one of the hottest R&B singers in the world a singer that goes by the name "Honey" Cam and Honey hit it off hot and heavy as they mix business with pleasure.

The sky is the limit for the young power house couple, the only problem is Cam's fiancée Yolanda. Yolanda and Cam have been together for seven long years, and she hates the fact that her man has to work with Honey.

Yolanda trust, Honey as far as she can throw her and will rather die before she lets the R&B diva steal her man. Cam does his best to juggle both women and keep everyone happy, that is until the murders began....Best Selling Silk White takes you on a hot, steamy, action filled ride that you won't want to end