The Strain of Shackles


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In the 21st century, African-Americans lynch fellow Blacks at a greater magnitude than the Ku Klux Klan. The mission of The Strain of Shackles aims to undertake the goal of eliminating the problems of inner racism initiated by the Willie Lynch Syndrome. It is our vision to show members of society that acts of racism inflicted on humanity exist within the Black community. The Strain of Shackles documents the manner in which Blacks utilize the doctrines of Willie Lynch against other African-Americans. The acronym BBB is the newfangled phrase used in reference to racial bigotry within the Black ethnological environment. Black, Bold, and Bigots are words designed to convey the evils of genocidal racism. Eve's genealogy stems from Master Dick Johnson's Plantation in Mississippi, and her life's hurdles evolved on the Deaderick Plantation in Orange Mound. Eve lived in the first African-American residential area after the Civil War. Eve overcame many adversities as a teenage mother. The genre of The Strain of Shackles is an inspirational fictional memoir about overcoming personal obstacles.