The Streets Bleed Murder


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To rise to the top of the drug game no one man can do it alone.

With this in mind, three diehard friends, GANGSTA, KASH and DANK band together to take over the streets.

There is strength in numbers and the savvy but vicious trio are primed to put the game on lock.

Until one man's mistake, one lustful moment and one disloyal act threatens to bring them down.

Under the pressure applied by cops, will friends turn into foes or will their true love for one another rise to the top? Meanwhile, a different type of love lies in the balance.

Sisters, NENE and ERICA are as different as night and day.

The one thing they do have in common is their love for a certified thug.

And in Kash, Dank, and Gangsta they find thuggism and much, much more.

Will the two beautiful sisters be able to survive the cold realities that come with loving a gangsta? Or will they get caught in the middle of the gunfire when the treachery between the men turn ugly and THE STREETS BLEED MURDER.