The Streets Bleed Murder (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

To rise to the top of the drug game no one man can do it alone.

With this in mind, three diehard friends, GANGSTA, KASH and DANK band together to take over the streets.

There is strength in numbers and the savvy but vicious trio are primed to put the game on lock.

Until one man's mistake, one lustful moment and one disloyal act threatens to bring them down.

Under the pressure applied by cops, will friends turn into foes or will their true love for one another rise to the top? Meanwhile, a different type of love lies in the balance.

Sisters, NENE and ERICA are as different as night and day.

The one thing they do have in common is their love for a certified thug.

And in Kash, Dank, and Gangsta they find thuggism and much, much more.

Will the two beautiful sisters be able to survive the cold realities that come with loving a gangsta? Or will they get caught in the middle of the gunfire when the treachery between the men turn ugly and THE STREETS BLEED MURDER.

Part 2

What good is it for a man to gain the world but lose his soul? That is the question GANGSTA must answer when he finds himself on the other end of a bloodbath.

All Gangsta wants is what he considers to be his rightful place at the top of the drug game.

In his quest to get there, THE STREETS BLEED MURDER as he smashes everything and everyone in his path.

But karma is a cold bitch who spares no one.

When Gangsta proves to be hard for his enemies to touch, they snatch up his family and serve vicious death to his friends.

And the hunter becomes the hunted.

With death lurking around every corner, will NENE remain loyal to Gangsta or will her love for him wilt under the intense heat of his adversaries' bullets?

Part 3

The streets thought KASH was gone forever when he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

But what no one knew was his brother from a different mother, GANGSTA, would sacrifice his own life to set his partner free. Now the notorious Kash has returned to right all wrongs and to deliver quick street justice to those who violated the codes of the game.

Some will be dealt a gruesome murder while others like ERICA, his detective girlfriend, and EBONY, his son's mother, will do everything in their power to atone for their betrayal. But will there be room for forgiveness in a thug's heart? While settling old scores, Kash is also left with the task of taking his team to new heights.

Backed by the new, powerful drug connection that Gangsta left him, Kash seems to be headed straight to the top.

But in the insidious game of drug dealing, a man's downfall lurks behind every closed door and every wide smile. Unfettered by the possibility of death, destruction or demise, Kash's sole mission is to conquer the drug game and prove to Gangsta that Loyalty Has No Limit. Everybody and everything will be tested when THE STREETS BLEED MURDER like never before.