The Streets Don't Love Nobody: Loyalty Over Everything


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With the death of his mother and his father being strung out on heroin, MENACE took to the streets at a very young age.

Being focused on his money and his grind, he didn't have time for love.

That is until, he falls for the beautiful SHATIRA. Shatira lives the life of a ghetto Cinderella, being treated like a second class citizen by her evil stepmother, DELORES, and her wicked twin sons, LEVON and LERON, until Menace rescues her from her world of torment and nightmares. While on the run, a hood romance blossoms between Menace and Shatira and they find themselves madly in love.

But trouble invades their paradise when FLOCKA, Menace's best friend, runs afoul of a crime boss, setting off a chain of events that guarantees death for the lovely, young couple. During this time, Menace realizes there's a thin line between friend and foe, and that sometimes your woman is the realest nigga on your team.

But more importantly he'll come to understand that THE STREETS DON'T LOVE NOBODY.