The Streets Don't Love Nobody Part 2: The Finale


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Stolen duffle bags of money and the word of a disloyal friend pits the goons of a reputable crime boss against a do-or-die duo in an egregious battle that leaves countless dead bodies behind.

MENACE and SHATIRA go up against FLOCKA and BUMPY, two of South Central's most cold-hearted killas.

The opposition thought the ride-or-die couple would be easy prey, but surprisingly Menace and Shatira prove that their war tactics and murder games rival their own.

However, with a hood millionaire like BIG MEAT funding Flocka and Bumpy's bloody war, the tables begin to turn in their favor, and Menace and Shatira find themselves in grave danger.

Will Menace and Shatira's gangsta reign supreme, or will they be obliterated? Find out in the conclusion to this epic saga, THE STREETS DON'T LOVE NOBODY 2