The Streets Have No King & The Streets Have No Queen (2 Books) Book Set


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The Streets Have No King A street thriller of kidnapping, murder, trickery, and love that will have you at the edge of your seat. After 7 years of prison, multi-millionaire drug mogul Kane Garrett is back on the streets.

But instead of diving back into the drug game, he's teaching a college class, infusing business principles with his signature ruthless edge he developed in the streets.

When a student-and heavy heroin dealer-named Basil catches Kane's eye, Kane takes him on as a protégé and together, they build the biggest, smartest drug trafficking business the state has ever seen. But when Basil meets Moriah, Kane's only daughter, lines get crossed and their dominant business union becomes a deadly rivalry.

Welcome to a world where the kings meet their end and no one stays at the top for long.

The crown always lies heavy on he who commands the streets-and Kane and Basil will fight to claim their rule, before power is toppled again, in The Streets Have No King by New York Times bestselling author JaQuavis Coleman.

The Streets Have No Queen In this thrilling, plot-twisting tale, a grieving painter receives an unexpected visitor in his travels who turns his world upside down for a novel that will change your views on storytelling forever. As a painter travels the world, he mourns the death of his Queen, his wife, but finds an escape through his art.

Until an unexpected knock at the door takes his otherwise secluded life on a dramatic turn. The guest presents a problem that traps them inside of a home for 72 hours, and the quiet suburban estate becomes the devil's playground.

The painter is then thrown into a psychological game with twists and turns that lead to an unforeseeable ending...