The Streets Keep Pulling Me Back


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Go on a roller coaster ride with Tank, a man who battled a tortured past to become a "made man," determined to win no matter what he must do, or who he must hurt in the process... From the day he was born, Martavious "Tank" Young had to fight for what was his.

No parents, no family, mentally and physically abused throughout his childhood.

The challenges he endured only made him stronger and soon, the man who grew up with nothing had it all.

Now, Tank is the man running the streets and the city, both legal and illegal.

His money is long, his patience is short, and his reach is far. Finally at the pinnacle of the game, he's decided the time has come to leave the streets alone and retire, enjoying the life of luxury he's worked hard to achieve.

But, when vengeance rears its ugly head and Tank is the target, it almost costs him everything, including his life.