The Streets Made Me Part 3: The Set-Up


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LOS CINCO DIABLOS moves tons of cocaine through a network of sophisticated drug tunnels, but a new cartel is on the rise. The Nogales Cartel doesn't want a street corner—they want to corner the whole market. Headed by JULIO “EL FEO” ESTRADA, a ruthless and relentless drug lord with a violent temper, the Nogales Cartel has the game shook.
Blood spills into the streets as the rival organizations battle for supremacy. NAJEE watches from the sidelines, but when El Feo kidnaps ANGELA RODRIGUEZ, a beautiful Los Cinco Diablos assassin, Najee finds himself trapped in the middle of a deadly cartel war. Only he has the power to save Angela, but there's a catch: by saving Angela, he risks losing NELLA—the love of his life.
Time is running out, and Najee must play a dangerous game of deception between heartless drug dealers, a determined ATF agent, and the true mastermind behind America's lethal opioid epidemic. Will Najee's riches cause him to lose his killer's mentality? Or will he maintain THE STREETS MADE ME mentality needed to survive the most deadly situation he's ever faced?