The Teflon Queen Part 2


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The Teflon Queen is back and better than ever.

All Angela wants to do is disappear, but there's only one problem; every cop in the world is looking for her along with the white shadow, one of the best most brutal, vicious and dangerous assassins in the world and he won't stop until the Teflon Queen is no more.

Angela quickly turns from the hunter to the hunted in a matter of seconds.

Not only does Angela have to keep herself alive, but she's also responsible for the life of Agent James Carter; her once upon a time lover who trusts her about as far as he can throw her.

Join the Teflon Queen as she takes you deep into the underworld and into the life of a high profile assassin who will do anything to stay alive and protect her lover.

With two well trained assassins on a collision course the outcome is sure to be deadly.

This heart pounding saga is sure to leave readers breathless.

Silk White delivers the stunning sequel to the Teflon Queen.

A story readers won't be able to forget.