The Teflon Queen Part 3: Hard To Kill


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The Teflon Queen is back and better than ever.

All Angela wants to do is disappear and live a quiet life.

All is well until she bumps into an innocent eight year old child by the name of Ashley.

Before witnessing her father's head get blown off right in front of her, he managed to slip Ashley a thumb drive that obtains some very important information.

While running for her life she runs into a stranger better known to the world as The Teflon Queen.

With some very important men after that thumb drive poor little Ashley is sure to see an early grave; that is until Angela steps in and decides that a innocent child being murdered on her watch is not happening.

Join Angela as she and little Ashley take you on a ride that you won't forget.

Silk White delivers the stunning trilogy to The Teflon Queen.

A story that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and begging for more.