The Ultimate Sacrifice Part 3: No Regrets


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  Their face off was inevitable, but neither man knew exactly when it would happen.

Antonio "Ameen" Felder is an irresistible force destined to collide with an immovable object in Khadafi Fuller.

They were once friends, bound by blood and sacrifice but now they are bitter enemies who both want to bring the other's demise.

The line between love and hate is thin.

And as Khadafi struggles to find out why someone shot Kemie, the love of his life, a man who once loved him now hates him and is hunting him.

Tyrone "CJ" Carter has just learned that Khadafi was behind the murder of their best friend Bean and his appetite for vengeance knows no bounds.

With the fathers of her children determined to kill one another, whose side does Shawnay take knowing that she is the cause of it all? Detective Maurice Tolliver wants nothing more than to solve the riddle of the many murders that are taking place in DC and to put the men responsible, Khadafi and T.J.

in prison forever.