These Scandalous Streets: Tyson's Treasure


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  While in prison, TYSON beats down a couple of goons sent to murder his cousin CODY over an unpaid drug debt.

After witnessing the botch hit he put on his relative, GRIEF, a Bay Area shot-caller, is thoroughly impressed with the young thug's fighting skills.

He makes a deal with him: act as a bodyguard for his daughter, R&B's superstar sensation TREASURE GOLD, in exchange for his cousin's well being behind the wall.

Seeing he has no other choice in the matter, Tyson takes the OG up on his offer.

But with a warning: whatever fate befalls the songstress, his cousin will meet soon after.

Upon his release from prison, Tyson meets the beautiful Treasure and in time they establish a love connection.

Everything seems to be fine.

That is until Big Willie Records' shady past comes back to haunt him and puts the biggest star on the label in danger.

With death around each and every corner, Tyson realizes he may have bitten off more than he can chew.

But he's willing to put his freedom and even his life in jeopardy to protect the woman he now loves.