Thug Life: Heart of Augusta


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In the heart of Augusta, GA. FRANCIS learns firsthand that living that THUG LIFE comes with many different layers to the game.

Besides having to deal with cutthroat, slimy individuals, could it be that Francis' closest friend is an enemy in disguise? Surrounded by utter treachery and deception, Francis meets a thorough woman who shows him a reality that he had never imagined existed.

Will this woman remain solid? Or will she turn out to be another snake in the mix? Will a thug find love? Or will he have you unleash his fury again and again? The streets can build a man up or tear him down.

Francis will have no part of the latter.

For him, thuggin' ain't a hobby, it's a way of life.

It's kill or be killed.

It's survival of the realest.

But will keeping it real and gutta become a gateway to Hell?