Thug Life Part 3: The Jungle


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Queens are not made, they're born, and it runs in the bloodline.

DIANE BLAYLOCK, AKA D-BLOCK, inherited the throne when YOUNG CASTRO stepped out of the spotlight.

She is already known to rule the streets with an iron fist, and most know not to cross her.

But what happens when someone thinks to violate, disrespect, and try her gangsta?

L.O.E. was in AUGUSTA's vein, and everyone in the city knew that.

But the new young DON ANGELINO built his own branch of the structure, the Loe Life Mafia.

At first he is respected, until greed allows him to make one fatal mistake.

That mistake was to take food out of a female lioness' mouth.

What he doesn't know is that D-Block has carnivore tendencies and she's about that THUG LIFE. In the Jungle that are the streets, a man must keep his distance from the wild animals.

He should always respect a lioness' pride.

Because if the male doesn't get him, the female definitely will.