To The Thug I Loved Before: He Said - She Said


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Dear JAKOBE...

is what she always wrote.

She never told him how she really felt inside.

Throughout everything he never saw the love she had for him.

She lived with him, while he became successful without her.

And, JAIDAH O'NEAL had to deal with the heartbreak he dealt out.

 They soon parted ways and their friendship ended.

Day by day, the love she had for him faded.

Until JaKobe entered her life yet again, but has he changed? Or is he still the heartless, selfish man whose love brought just as much pain as joy? Does Jaidah still have those deep feelings for JaKobe? Or will she move on and find true love? It's hard for a woman to heal from a broken heart when she constantly tells herself: I belong TO THE THUG I LOVED BEFORE.