Toe Tagz Part 4: The Last Run


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After losing everything they had, and almost losing their lives, DONK and MUN remain under the radar in order to avoid the calamities that come with street life.

But once Donk realizes that his fate is all but sealed, and that the power he once possessed is no more, he must choose flight or fight.

Will this gangsta fall short of the legend he's created in the hood? Or will he prove that the only way to get rid of him is to seal his fate with TOE TAGZ? Meanwhile, one bad move has caused KADEJAH lifelong suffering.

No matter how hard she tries to fix things, they go from bad to worse.

Will she ever overcome the fragility of her choices? Or is her future as mired in peril as her present? In this final installment, money is no longer the answer to the problems each of these individuals face.

Death comes knocking at their doors, relentless in its pursuit to collect all debts in blood.

Will they all get served cold-blooded justice? If not, who will karma devour?