Toe Tagz (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

DONK came from desolate beginnings but with the heart of a savage boss, he refused to be held down by his circumstances.

Each calculated move that he makes is designed to uplift himself and his tattered family, who he loves unconditionally.

By his side is MUN, his Day One shooter.

Together, they put TOE TAGZ on anyone that stands in their way.

Success doesn't come easy for Donk but through the struggle, he stands tall with a smile on his handsome face.

Things get complicated when family members of Donk decide to take certain matters into their own hands, causing the type of blowback that threatens the whole family's demise.

Meanwhile, when Mun unwisely decides to mix business with pleasure, the cost is bloody and catastrophic.

Will Mun and Donk be able to overcome such a big mistake? When the glitter of the game turns dull, and the pair is dealing with snakes and eating with fakes, it's only a matter of time before street dreams become nightmares.

Book 2

Through all of the pain and struggle, DONK still smiles.

When he feels left behind, he gets on his grind to the point that he accumulates more money than he ever dreamed he'd have.

But money can't buy happiness.

Taking care of his remaining family becomes complicated when the kids are put in a situation where they have to take matters into their own hands.

TIM, Donk's righthand man, deftly manages the operation, but when he foolishly decides to mix business with pleasure, all hell breaks out and the loss they suffer hurts deeply.

Things get worse when Donk sees, firsthand, that diamonds aren't forever.

Will he continue dealing with snakes and eating with fakes? Or will he wise up and serve them all a cold dish of revenge punctuated with TOE TAGZ?  

Book 3

After the deaths, lies, betrayal and deceit, MUN and DONK are still standing, while trying to regain the family's wealth.

Ruthless and deadly commotion stirs at every turn, compelling them to shift their focus, for their time could be running out.

In this dirty game of dog eat dog, no one is to be trusted.

Friends are more vicious than enemies, and love can turn to hate at the drop of a dime and anyone can end up wearing TOE TAGZ.

The end is merely the beginning in the final installment of this cold-blooded, heart-racing trilogy.