Trap God (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1:

While vying for power in the streets of Milwaukee, DIAMOND faces herds of enemies who want to see him in a coffin.

Despite his good looks and grandeur, his fast cars and diamond-encrusted jewelry or even his propensity for showering cash on the ladies, he is not a man that should be underestimated.

The threat he poses is real, and the streets are about to find that out. If Diamond has any weakness in his game, it's that he puts trust in those close to him, especially his right-hand man, GANGSTA.

Will that trust be rewarded with loyalty or will it be betrayed? On the road to establishing himself as the city's TRAP GOD, Diamond must navigate love, hate, honesty and deception, guns and bullets, prison and the coroner's table.

No matter the odds, he will remain true to the code of the streets, even if it might cost him everything he loves.

Book 2:

Even while facing a federal indictment for a slew of felonious crimes, DIAMOND plots his return to the streets of Milwaukee.

Hellbent on reclaiming his position of power, he will stop at nothing when it comes to reestablishing himself as the unchallenged TRAP GOD.

The streets are under siege with violence as MAJOR, TONI, BANKS, and GANGSTA individually try to fill the void left by Diamond's absence.

How will they protect themselves from the ominous presence of death? Surrounded by the disloyalty of the streets, the men will soon learn that money turns friends into enemies; people are only as loyal as their options, and death must be the only penalty for betrayal.

And then there's Diamond

Book 3:

As DIAMOND ties up loose ends, he's becoming more ruthless in his pursuit to make it out of the game alive.

Meanwhile, the money and the murders keep piling up.

Will one or the other cause his downfall? Other difficult circumstances involving TONI and BANKS puts Diamond's relationship with TYWANNA to the test.

Could Diamond lose the one who is most important to him as he tries to navigate the pressures of being a TRAP GOD? Ultimately, Diamond's life hangs in the balance, but he is willing to die with his finger on the trigger before he'll ever fold.

Nothing means more to him than being respected.

Will he live by his principles? Or will he die trying to honor them?