Trap God: Power Is Measured In Enemies


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While vying for power in the streets of Milwaukee, DIAMOND faces herds of enemies who want to see him in a coffin.

Despite his good looks and grandeur, his fast cars and diamond-encrusted jewelry or even his propensity for showering cash on the ladies, he is not a man that should be underestimated.

The threat he poses is real, and the streets are about to find that out. If Diamond has any weakness in his game, it's that he puts trust in those close to him, especially his right-hand man, GANGSTA.

Will that trust be rewarded with loyalty or will it be betrayed? On the road to establishing himself as the city's TRAP GOD, Diamond must navigate love, hate, honesty and deception, guns and bullets, prison and the coroner's table.

No matter the odds, he will remain true to the code of the streets, even if it might cost him everything he loves.