Traphouse King (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

RICH watched his mother overdose from a lethal hit of heroin that he supplied to her.

Crushed and reeling from his mom's death, and his complicity in it, Rich is left with the heavy burden of supporting his younger sisters, KEYONNA and KESHA, who are now solely depending on him, but neither of the three are of age to live on their own. In steps ANDREA, a close friend of their deceased mother, but Andrea isn't just providing them a roof over their heads.

Immediately, she laces Rich with money as she schools the young savage on how to become a true TRAPHOUSE KING.

It doesn't take long for the lessons to click in his head and for him to master the trap. Along the way, the road is bumpy and the monsters of the slums work collectively to bring him down.

But to Rich, failure isn't an option and anyone in his way will be dealt with, by any means necessary. The obstacles intensify when Keyonna does the unexplainable, which will knock Rich to his knees.

Will the young hood god be able to overcome heartache like he concurs the game? Will a burgeoning love of his own become an added strength or a downfall waiting to happen? The drug trap is where hundreds of thousands of dollars are made, and it's also where lives are shattered beyond repair.

Which will be Rich's fate?

Book 2

RICH is making boss moves like never before, locking down the game and shining with his newfound drug money riches.

With his right-hand man, PAPER, by his side, other street pharmacists can only watch with jealousy and envy, as the two friends catapult to the top.

But trapping ain't ever easy or without drama. Now that AALIYAH has given Rich the keys to the game, she feels she has earned the right to be his main woman, but CHASITY is just as determined as Aaliyah to stake her claim.

Both women will stop at nothing to be the victor, which causes the TRAP HOUSE KING much peril. Meanwhile, the haters on the streets are mounting up to take what Rich has built.

With money coming in by the duffel bag, and his enemies coming out of the woodworks, how will Rich overcome the inherent treachery of the insidious life he's chosen? Will he remain a boss? Or will he shrivel under the intense heat brought by savages, and the women whose love for him just might become his undoing?

Book 3

RICH and his Fast Money crew hit a major lick that catapults him to the top of the hierarchy of the trap, where he sits like a true boss.

His next mission is to find out who murdered his baby sister, KEYONNA. But when all signs point to ANDREA, Rich refuses to believe what is before his eyes. Is the TRAPHOUSE KING blinded by a woman's powerful sexuality and guile? Or is he too clever to fall for the trickery of those who stand to gain the most from misinformation?

While Rich is on a bloody mission to uncover the shocking truth, the glitz and glamour, along with street supremacy begins to corrupt the hearts of those closest to him.

In the end, there can only be one who sits on the throne, all opposers must perish.

Will Rich meet his demise before he can stake his claim? Or will he master the game and become King?