Treason Part 1: The Ultimate Betrayal


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TREASON The Ultimate Betrayal Malcolm never saw it coming.

What happened next was the result of his disloyalty.

It was suppose to be the easiest come up of his life.

All Malcolm had to do was let Damion know when Tenille (his connect) was bringing them a new batch of drugs and he would receive half of everything that Damion robbed Tenille for.

But Tenille wasn't going down without a fight, as he bucked the jack and witnessed each and everyone he dealt with catch a bullet or two.

Now Tennille's fate laid in his own hands.

Does he risk the chance of dying for the almighty dollar, or does he give up everything he's worth? Hearing sirens in the far distance, Damion fled the scene with all he could take only to have his get-a-way car break down on him.

With nobody in mind he knew he could trust, Damion called his main man Devell who stopped what he was doing to give a friend a ride.

The very next day, Devell is gunned down as he was leaving Church.

The car was identified as Damion's all black Dodge Challenger.

Somehow, Devell's childhood friend gets wind of it way up in New York, as he learns his best friend was shot and wasn't expected to make it.

Vowing to never revisit Winter Haven, Florida again, he's forced to relive those haunted memories that forced him away in the first place.

Not wanting to waste more time than needed, he came with only one agenda...KILL EVERYBODY INVOLVED.

Once all of the smoke cleared, and Devell made it through surgery successfully, his best friend takes him up out of Winter Haven back to New York with him.

Soon after Devell Fully recover, his best friend takes him to one of Puff Daddy's all white parties where they meet probably the baddest bitch in the world.

What's crazy though, is that Devell's best friend didn't even recognize she was one of the people he thought he killed back in Florida.

Robert George III does it again as he proves why he's the best story teller of our generation...hands down.