Treating People Well: How to Master Social Skills and Thrive in Everything You Do


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Former White House social secretaries Lea Berman, who worked for Laura and George Bush, and Jeremy Bernard, who worked for Michelle and Barack Obama, have learned valuable lessons about how to work with people from different walks of life.

In Treating People Well, they share tips and advice from their own moments with celebrities, foreign leaders, and that most unpredictable of animals-the American politician.Valuable "guidance for finding success in both personal and professional relationships and navigating social settings with grace"(Book Page), this is not a book about old school etiquette.

Berman and Bernard explain the things we all want to know, like how to walk into a roomful of strangers and make friends, what to do about a colleague who makes you dread work each day, and how to navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of social media.Weaving "practical guidance into entertaining behind-the-scenes moments...their unique and rewarding insider's view"(Publishers Weekly) provides tantalizing insights into the character of the first ladies and presidents they served, proving that social skills are learned behavior that anyone can acquire.

Ultimately, "this warm and gracious little book treats readers well, entertaining them with stories of close calls, ruffled feathers, and comic misunderstandings as the White House each day attempts to carry through its social life"(The Wall Street Journal).