Triggadale Part 2: Hunchos Way


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Many counted him out, but HUNCHO is back, and he's on a money mission like never before.

This time, he intends to play the game smart, ducking the haters as he rises to kingpin status.

To get to the top, Huncho has to step on some very big toes.

Will his violations go unpunished? Or will NARD feel threatened by Honcho's ascent and respond with treachery and violence? There's plenty of gunsmoke in Clayton County, GA as rivals clash, firmly stamping the moniker TRIGGADALE on their city.

Meanwhile, the sweet life CAMRY enjoys being boss bytch is about to turn sour as she finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly, unforgiving game played by men who refuse to lose.

Will Camry be able to convince Huncho to walk away from the game before it's too late? Or will his pride lead him to destruction?