Triggadale Part 3: Always Us, Never Them


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HUNCHO is under more pressure than ever before as his gangsta gets tested from different factions.

CAMRY is furious with him for not walking away from the streets.

Huncho's friends can't be trusted, and the Feds will do anything to secure his conviction.

 With his leadership in question, everything Huncho has worked so hard to gain threatens to be lost to treachery and meticulously planned attacks.

Will the certified, street-official gangsta respond with supreme wit and annihilation of his enemies? Or will Huncho's former plug take him out for murdering their capo?  Huncho takes on his greatest challenge when the city dubbed TRIGGADALE pledges its allegiance to outside forces.

The hood will never be the same after the solid structure that it once stood upon is robbed of its value.