Triggadale: Shots Fired


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  It's gunz up in Riverdale, a city south of ATL, as HUNCHO, a trigger-happy youngin' becomes the target of retribution when he murders the twin brother of a well-respected gang member in his quest to establish his crew as the dominating force of the Southside. Huncho's squad, the Southside Mafia, ignites a war that sets off a trail of bloodfire across Clayton County.

The brazen gang leader quickly becomes the target of a vengeful brother and an ambitious, unrelenting detective. DRE is a major force in the infamous Hit Squad Taliban.

Out to avenge his twin's murder, he goes after Huncho with a venom unmatched in the annals of street crime.

The bloody beef between these two certified hittas earn them the ire of the Gang Task Force, as something must be done in order for authorities to regain control of a city that is now dubbed TRIGGADALE for its record amount of gun smoke.Enter beautiful, sexy and dangerous women who play vital roles in the men's rise and falls.

With a thick mixture of street savagery, cunning minds and vicious intentions, the women help escalate the drama.

In the end, which side will prevail and at what cost?