True Savage Part 2: Deep Secrets


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  Ghost has proven over and over again that in the streets he is a True Savage, who fears nothing and no one.

But his gun isn't the only one that claps loud and often. As the bloodbath continues, secrets slowly begin to unravel and threaten to bring Ghost down to his knees or have him fitted for a casket at an early age.

His trigger happy finger has him hotter than lava, but his keen business mind and street savvy keeps him one step ahead of the pitfalls that come with the game. Even with death around the corner, the family thrives as their connections stretch from Atlanta to California. Meanwhile, karma is breathing down TWAN's neck like a rabid dog, bringing along with it enemies that are closer to him and Ghost than they could ever imagine. Will Twan reap what he has sown? Or will he escape street justice? Will Ghost be clever enough to survive the horrific death his enemies have planned for him? Or will it be his own bloodline that pushes him into a slow grave as deep secrets threaten to crush everyone in its path.