True Savage Part 7: The Finale


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Darkness looms over the Virgin Islands.

The family GHOST left behind is wrapped in a knot of disastrous torture and deceit.

After a ten-year mystery involving the death of her sacred lover, ERICA has obtained immense and dangerous power.

 An all out bloodbath could be headed Erica's way as EVA seeks revenge for the murders of most of her bloodline.

Eva's losses have accumulated over the years, but she holds a golden key that could finally settle and even the score.

Will Eva be able to avenge her loved ones? Or is Erica a TRUE SAVAGE that can't be eliminated? Then there's the question of: will Ghost be able to reach his family and the Queens of love in time to save the Grey's family name? Or will his other relatives reach them first and leave a trail of bodies for Ghost to bury?