Trust No Bitch Part 3: Deadly Alliance


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Who can Kiam trust when friends behave as ruthlessly as enemies and the person that he is most loyal to is the very one that has a gun aimed at his back? Reeling in a bloodthirsty rage, he takes to the streets with only one mission on his mind-vengeance.

Blood stained hands and deceitful hearts have destroyed an undying allegiance.

As Kiam unleashes his vicious murder game on known adversaries, he overlooks the true enemy which is nearest, however, spilled blood will lead him to the truth.

These jaunt of revelations will untangle a cleverly spun web of deception.

Ride with the authors through the cruddy streets of Cleveland, Ohio as they reveal that sometimes the bitch you can't trust is the one closest to you.

Trust No Bitch III: Deadly Alliance.

The saga concludes.