Trust No Bitch (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1:

They say Loyalty is everything, but beneath the surface of a promise lies betrayal and deceit. Taught by the best and given the keys to an empire Kiam's loyalty is tested at every turn as he strives to enforce his rule over those who ultimately can't be trusted.

A deadly warning directs his course as he strives to carry out his orders. With sex, money, murder and dark secrets lurking around every corner and a team of beautiful yet dangerous women he is forced to work with, who will ultimately be the Bitch he can't trust.

 Part 2 :

When the identity of the traitor in Kiam's clique is revealed justice is served swiftly and with no mercy, sending a message to the others that betrayal will be met with death.

But has Kiam really uncovered the treacherous one in his midst or is the true culprit of disloyalty and larceny still hidden behind her beauty and guile, sacrificing her sister to save herself? With so many secrets untold and many new and dangerous alliances being formed what will happen when things heat up in the streets and jealousy and hidden agendas begin to rear their ugly heads? When beauty can no longer hide the evil within who will feel the wrath of deadly silence?  

Part 3 :

CJ is devastated when he comes home to find Tamika on the floor unconscious and leaking blood from several execution-style gunshot wounds.

As he holds her in his arms tearfully begging God not to take her away, he already knows that if she dies he is going to turn Newark, New Jersey into a killing field. This beef isn't about drugs, it's about a woman, and it's very personal.

Young Nard shows that he can match CJ's gangsta body for body.

When the smoke clears who will wear the crown as The Bricks supreme thug?