Trust No Man


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TRUST NO MAN, the gripping, fast-paced, debut novel by CA$H, is an urban street tale told in such vivid detail and with such gritty and compelling style, it’s like watching a movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

TERRENCE aka “YOUNGBLOOD” is a young stickup kid with strict street principles, loyalty to his game, baby mama drama, and conflicting choices that could make him rich or send him to death row to an early grave. RICH KID, the drug kingpin of Atlanta, wants Youngblood to get down with his crew of dope boys. But like his partners in crime, LONNIE and SHOTGUN PETE, Youngblood prefers to get his money the ski mask way.

Will pressure from the city’s most notorious drug king force Youngblood to wilt? Or will his gunplay prove to be lethal enough to withstand all opposition to his chosen hustle?

Youngblood faces one deadly obstacle after another as he preys on drug dealers. But when death touches close to home, he blames himself, and it’s no longer about the cheddar and the shine. Now, it’s about vengeance—served cold.

Along the way, Youngblood encounters the unexpected—love and betrayal. And he finds out that in the grimy streets of ATL, he must TRUST NO MAN.