Two Masks, One Heart Part 2


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   Shaquana had her sights set on a bright future and career.

But life doesn't always work out the way it should.

It was like one hit after the other.

Her parents murder, her younger brothers arrest, and the shocking betrayal at the hands of a one-time ally.

Her world came apart so quickly.

Even her current beau Maurice couldn't help her put it back together.

Shaquana makes the decision to go into hiding.

A necessary move to not only piece together her fragile psyche.

But to plot her next course of action.

Her decision is soon made...


In order to do that Shaquana must forget her future and assimilate to a new identity...

a new occupation.

There are things she will need to downplay and suppress if she hopes to become like her target.

Her ex-friend Tameka.

A woman who has taken the ultimate step into chaos by making the move to top All Moves.

A sinister choice which has now unleashed a monster within the once bright and optimistic Shaquana.

Now that both women currently walk hand in hand with darkness, it might just devour them whole when they finally meet.