Two Masks, One Heart (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Part 1:

Local gangster Benjamin Clark has all of Georgia on 'lockdown.' The drug kingpin sits atop a Southern narcotics empire which is the envy of all his rivals.

But despite his success in the deep south criminal underworld Benjamin is still full of hubris.

Unlike other 'bosses' who're content just laying low and enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Benjamin is compelled to flash his wealth and status wherever he goes. After all he's worked long and hard for it.

His constant flamboyance however begins to strain not only the relationship between him and one of his closest friends. But also Benjamin's marriage.

As Benjamin's lust doesn't just stop at the finer 'things...' in life. A new woman catches his eye. One he is intent on pursuing.

Even at the expense of his current better half.

But if you think she's just going to sit back and watch her man have his cake and eat it too you're mistaken.

Wifey isn't about to let anyone endanger her lavish lifestyle, including Benjamin.

If his love for her has faded, then she's prepared to make the necessary 'arrangements.' After all... there's a code to the streets of which they both come from.

Rules to the game. Money... over everything.

Part 2:

Shaquana had her sights set on a bright future and career. But life doesn't always work out the way it should. It was like one hit after the other.

Her parents murder, her younger brothers arrest, and the shocking betrayal at the hands of a one-time ally. Her world came apart so quickly. Even her current beau Maurice couldn't help her put it back together. Shaquana makes the decision to go into hiding.

A necessary move to not only piece together her fragile psyche. But to plot her next course of action.

Her decision is soon made... VENGEANCE

In order to do that Shaquana must forget her future and assimilate to a new identity...

a new occupation.

There are things she will need to downplay and suppress if she hopes to become like her target.

Her ex-friend Tameka.

A woman who has taken the ultimate step into chaos by making the move to top All Moves.

A sinister choice which has now unleashed a monster within the once bright and optimistic Shaquana.

Now that both women currently walk hand in hand with darkness, it might just devour them whole when they finally meet.

Part 3:

In the criminal underworld it takes a lot to rise to the top. But for a woman it's nearly impossible.

Very few females run in this world and the ones who wield a considerable amount of power are even fewer.

Tameka... is one of those few.

But what could possibly distract from her goals? A man of course.

After a complicated past Tameka has learned to play men to aid her ascension up the criminal ladder.

But Maurice reminds her of the only man she's ever loved, Benjamin.

Further complicating matters is his current squeeze Shaquana. A close friend to Tameka.

Tameka now ponders betraying her friend to get what she wants.

Her upwards trajectory on the streets however has boosted her confidence.

Thus she schemes to steal Maurice away.

Shaquana meanwhile is a beautiful young woman who'd normally have no problem keeping a man.

Until she herself meets someone.

A meeting that eventually leads to a steamy encounter, and brings into play one factor that could break up her relationship... betrayal

A breach of loyalty that may be, the opportunity Tameka needs to attain her prize.