When Loyalty Dies, So Does Love


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While growing up in New York, Tasha always knew she could do anything with her childhood friends Jai and Ursula by her side. Now she’s finding out that with more money comes more problems. Her friendship is tested when the drama of lies, deceit, and murder unfolds, and her relationship with the love of her life, Rellz, is also threatened when they find themselves keeping secrets from each other. When the bond that the three friends always shared is damaged, Tasha is forced to play her hand. She is faced with betrayal among friends, family, and the man who claims to love her. Tasha is in rare form as she has to come out of character to prove she is not to be crossed. Will her friendships and her relationship survive, or will Tasha realize that when loyalty dies, so does love? Get ready to take a crazy ride with these friends and lovers to find out if love can truly conquer all.