When the Streets Clap Back Part 2: What Goes Around Comes Wrong


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  When the Streets Clap Back 2: What Goes Around Comes Around by Jibril Williams In the streets there are many savages, but the man known as 40 is unlike any other.

40 is cool headed but beastly and after coming home from a stint in jail and finding out that SKALEZ, his childhood friend has been brutally murdered, 40 is in full goon mode as he searches for the identity of his homie's killer.

While 40 was away, BJ, a young hitta has taken Newport, Virginia by surprise.

The audacious baby-faced drug dealer is making power moves and causing jealousy and envy to rear their proverbial ugly heads.

But no beef he encounters is as deadly as the one he'll face when 40 discovers that it was his hand on the trigger that ended Skalez' life.

What Goes Around Comes Around and even the most guileful, vicious killers better run for cover WHEN THE STREETS CLAP BACK.